Paparazzi in Line

Did you know that there are Paparazzi Collections? Sometimes referred to as Trend Blends. They are styled iconSets that each piece falls into, Stylized Trend Blends…. and so you’re probably wondering, What are the Paparazzi Collections? $13 ONLY The most popular icons selected for you in this iconSet Related to Crazy Paparazzi in Black Download… Continue reading Paparazzi in Line

Apple inspire White

A cool collection of Apple Inspired Icons that you wouldn’t want to miss! Check out these apple interface icons used across all apple products. Related with Apple inspire Black $14 ONLY Download icons set & single icons from:

The Art of Symbols

$12 ONLY A comprehensive library of primitive symbols, lovingly crafted for design enthusiasts. For over 40,000 years, humans have used logographic symbols to communicate complex ideas. Whether it’s the manifestation of a god, or a unified graphic language to communicate cultural values, the symbol has always been driven by concept. This is no different today.… Continue reading The Art of Symbols